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Textile Artist Gill is inspired by natural fibres, colour and texture. Natural dyes providing a wealth of colours from nature.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


A busy week taking photo's to attach to my patterns. My son is keen for me to self-publish but I feel a bit intimidated so I thought I would practise and print my own that can be downloaded from my website.

I have been very lax of late and not made time to post my thoughts or ideas. A big effort is needed to turn my lazy ways around and I am trying to set some blog time into my day or should I say week. The trouble is I'm too easily distracted, wave lovely fibre at me and I melt at the knees. Yes excuse after excuse and the will power of a melting mars bar!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I have been very naughty with my blog but a lot of time and effort has been spent with the facebook page artisan threads yarns.This has been a large learning curve for me and I am sure that my brain is not up to this, what with trying to keep the website up to date, tweet, and now facebook. Not enough hours in the day. the studio has been re-vamped. This is my cozy corner, books and a rocking chair. Just heaven!!!!

 www.artisanthreads.co.uk I still need to add some new arrivals to the site, extreme knitting and crochet and Some lovely British spun in Yorkshire ----- wait for it ----- rare ----Whitefaced Woodland Yarn. This is a very old breed and on the rarebreed survival list. This is a lovely yarn to knit or crochet with, give it a go and keep this lovely breed going.