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Textile Artist Gill is inspired by natural fibres, colour and texture. Natural dyes providing a wealth of colours from nature.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Saori weaving

 Not to stick to the norm, if there really is such a thing as normal. But weaving in different forms has always held an interest with me and have been drawn to freeform or should I say Art weaving. Not one for following the rule book, more like having a glance at it & then throwing it out the window.
After surfing the web, Pinterest & social media, I made the amazing discovery of SAORI weaving. Now I am totally addicted to this wonderful style of freeform weaving with no boundaries and truly open to all abilities, even me!
This is leading me on an amazing adventure of colour texture and not to mention an online-community that spans the globe. Wonderful talented creative people, who are willing to share their work, skills and experience. They do not teach but guide you on a path to find your inner weaver, which for me has a Zen. Magical.
These are my first steps into Saori Weaving.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Inverness Farmers Market

Well another market is on the horizon this coming Saturday, 9am - 4pm. Have been busy getting ready, new ideas, colours & yarns. I was not able to attend the last market as I was suffering from a nasty cough that just would not go away. Now fighting fit!!!
Looking forward to the coming year as the spring starts to brighten the days, new awakenings, new ideas and a whole new season to look forward too. The dye bath is about to go into full swing as all these colour palettes start to come to life. New life is due, within the next month the ewe's are due to lamb. My ladies in waiting & their very handsome tupp, not in my good books today as he butted my leg. Showing off, just like a naughty little boy.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New idea's

Rhubarb root, a friend turned up with some buckets with chopped up foot in them & smelt mouldy. As I had a large boiler she wanted dye a large batch of fleece I have to admit I have not dyed with rhubarb before & was not prepared to waste a large amount of fibre. So I was playing with an idea on the knitting machine using a hand knit pattern, as the yarn was let say not the best I thought I would throw  it in the bath. 
Glad that I only dyed this as my first comment was"diry nappies" but being a scrouge, I had to turn it into a wearable project. So by joining a side,a bit of embellishment this is the result.
I think I will have to write the pattern up. Fairly nice neck wrap.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Crochet pattern

One of my simple crochet designs, 150gms of space dyed Romney.light and lacy, will dress up or dress down any outfit.