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Textile Artist Gill is inspired by natural fibres, colour and texture. Natural dyes providing a wealth of colours from nature.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Vintage Sock Machine

My new vintage sock machine
Spent many hours trying to set up vintage machine, not really knowing what machine I have. You tube videos on other machines not really the same as mine but they all must work in a similar way. Even though I did not seem to make much headway. I then emailed pic's to a very nice lady from Krankers, vintage sock machines and I think I could now be on the right track. I think I could get hooked on this.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Crochet neck wraps

Handspun Jacob
Crochet cords & flowers
Having a stash of yarns that I have spun and then dyed to see the effects I could get. I find myself with numerous skeins of yarn from many breeds of sheep and some unusual fibres. So I now need a stash buster, that is simple and quick. So I turn to my much loved crochet hooks. As simple is best a theme on a rectanle with a vintage button to set it off. Various weights of yarn could be used just varying stitches used. Simple.