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Thursday, 4 March 2010

New Seaweed Scarf Pattern Freebie!!!!

Check out this glorious scarf pattern! Everybody has a few odd skeins of yarn laying around the house - put one to good use with this floaty scarf!!!! Warm enough for winter, COOL enough for spring!

Seaweed Scarf

Chunky Yarn use size 8mm needles
Double knit use size 4mm needles

100gms yarn


For chunky yarns cast on 18 stitches

For double knit cast on 27 stitches

Row 1 : knit across row

Row 2 : knit across row

Row 3 : cast off 6 stitches { chunky } 9 stitches { double knit } knit to end.

Row 4 : cast off 6 stitches { chunky } 9 stitches { double knit } knit to end then cast on 6 or 9 stitches depending on weight of yarn.

Row 5 : knit across row

Repeat Rows 3, 4 & 5. You can always add an extra knit row to create an uneven structure. Knit until you run out of yarn, making sure to end with a knit row but leave enough to cast off.

This is a great pattern to play with by adding more stitches or knitting with pencil rovings and then felting the scarf. Beads could be threaded on to yarn and a bead added to the beginning of each cast off row.

Just make sure if adding extra stitches or length for felting make sure you have extra yarn to complete project. But do experiment with this pattern as it will give you confidence to try some freeform knitting.