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Textile Artist Gill is inspired by natural fibres, colour and texture. Natural dyes providing a wealth of colours from nature.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New idea's

Rhubarb root, a friend turned up with some buckets with chopped up foot in them & smelt mouldy. As I had a large boiler she wanted dye a large batch of fleece I have to admit I have not dyed with rhubarb before & was not prepared to waste a large amount of fibre. So I was playing with an idea on the knitting machine using a hand knit pattern, as the yarn was let say not the best I thought I would throw  it in the bath. 
Glad that I only dyed this as my first comment was"diry nappies" but being a scrouge, I had to turn it into a wearable project. So by joining a side,a bit of embellishment this is the result.
I think I will have to write the pattern up. Fairly nice neck wrap.