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Friday, 6 February 2009

Spinning lesson on South West Train

Well what an adventure, I went with my son & his partner down to Hampshire to visit Maggie Oliver [secretary of British Coloured Sheep Breeders Association] While I gathered information on fleece, breeds and small mills we took time out to visit Carol Keats at Willow Close Studio. http://www.easistes.co.uk/webbsgreenfarmwool

What a lovely clever lady. Carol was very generous with her advise, skills and inspiration. Our time in her studio flew by and was not nearly long enough. Her passion for fibres & colour is infectious and at each turn was happy to demonstrate her teaching skills.

my son brought a 2nd hand spinning wheel that Carol had in her studio, nobody gave any thought to the fact that we had to get home on the TRAIN! We bundled into Maggie's car, with wheel and I might add several other purchases and headed for the station and the London Train. Not to waste any time, an hour & 40Min's into London. We started a spinning lesson as we journeyed home. The train guard had not seen a spinning wheel before let a lone have spinning lessons on a train.

I have heard of extreme ironing, has anyone else taken part in extreme spinning. I would be interested of anyone else's unusual spinning locations.