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Textile Artist Gill is inspired by natural fibres, colour and texture. Natural dyes providing a wealth of colours from nature.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Mobile Blogging

Well I have spent ALL afternoon playing with mobile blogging with my new blackberry and after deleting several test blogs I have now resulted in returning to the laptop. With practice I will get it right but I just feel like a snail. Slow and a bit dim, some of the posts are in cyber space and for some reason 84 OLD emails ended up on the phone. Heaven knows what buttons I pressed to get that!!!!
This cyber technology is not my forte I need to return to my comfort zone of fibre, spinning wheels, knitting & crochet. So now with a glass of Pimm's at my side and with much pleasure I am returning to the silk tops that I dyed with my natural dyes and spinning with an Indian supported spindle lace weight for a Russian lace weight shawl. I will try with this phone to take a photo of the spindle and silk and post it. But there is no guarantee what photo appears. watch this space.